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Broward County Certified Public Accountant – Tax planning and preparation for the legal industry

Thomas Jordan, P.A. offers tax services for individuals

When you have a strong understanding of the financial condition, cashflow history and accounting methods of a law firm, you are ideally suited for assisting the individual attorneys as well. This is a service that the accounting firm of Thomas Jordan, P.A. provides. We are experienced with individual tax planning and preparation for the partners or shareholders and associates in your firm.

Having focused on the legal industry for the past decade, we are highly experienced at Law Firm Tax Planning and Preparation. We understand the unique characteristics – and potential pitfalls – of law firm finances. Law firm partners and shareholders face distinct challenges in budgeting because of the nature of the profession and the potential problems between predicted income and set expenses.

Thomas Jordan, P.A. will effectively customize your tax plan by considering:

  • Your future financial goals

  • Past, current and projected income (earned and unearned income, adjusted gross income)

  • Expenses (rent, compensation, etc.)

  • Potential deductions

  • Exemptions

  • Charitable contributions

  • Losses

  • Credits

Aside from individual tax planning and preparation, we offer assistance in the following areas: Firm Compensation and Benefits Planning, Firm Tax Planning and Preparation, and Financial Statement Reporting. We analyze the unique financial matters that members of the legal community face and address them with a comprehensive, constructive plan that will help you and your family achieve your financial goals.

For more information on any aspect of tax or financial planning, please contact us, or call our accounting office at (954) 763-8455.

Thomas Jordan, P.A. – Accounting for Your Growth.

Thomas Jordan is the founder and principal of Thomas Jordan, P.A., a Certified Public Accountant firm licensed in Florida. The accounting firm of Thomas Jordan, P.A. is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and works with law firms in South Florida and Broward County.